In times of global crises – like the one we face today because of COVID-19 – a business’ digital marketing comes up a winner. The world relies on online information during this critical time of lockdown. Through the right digital marketing strategies, companies can reach their target market more successfully than ever before.

Here are three tips on how to utilise digital marketing during a lockdown:

1. Adjust your online marketing strategy

Whether you realise it or not, this global pandemic has changed your target audience.

Services and products are now appealing to a new audience. An example of this is hand sanitiser with over 60% of alcohol content that was once primarily used only at medical facilities. Today, almost everyone wants to get their hands on a bottle of sanitiser.

On the other hand, your audience might remain the same, but their needs have changed. For example, if you are a wholesale corporation selling everything from furniture to jewellery and even household products, you will be more successful in advertising your toilet paper rolls than you would a vacation package.

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Now is the perfect time to analyse your previous strategy and adapt where necessary.

2. Rethink your marketing strategy

During a lockdown, your customers have new worries, and they are motivated by new emotions. Their wants, hopes, aspirations, and fears have shifted drastically. Rethink your marketing approach. Give them what is relevant to them today and not what was relevant to them before the lockdown.

You will have to rethink your ads and the messages you deliver to your customers – the existing and the new ones. But that does not mean you get rid of your marketing strategy and content. Keep these safely locked away to be used when the situation returns to normal.

3. Protect your brand during a lockdown

While you rethink your digital marketing strategy, there are some essential principles to keep in mind. If you mishandle your digital marketing strategy now, you could end up damaging your brand image for the next few years.

Do not use this terrible disease as a marketing opportunity. It is not a marketing opportunity. If you piggyback on this virus today to get attention drawn to your business, it will be seen as a cheap ploy – one that will blow up in your face once the pandemic dies down. The idea is to come across as a brand that is empathetic and knowledgeable – one that leaves a lasting impression on the minds of its users.

We have been helping our customers realign their marketing strategies during this time of lockdown so that they can reach out respectfully and responsibly to their target audiences.

If you need help realigning your marketing strategy and marketing content successfully, we would be happy to get on a call with you to discuss your requirements. /